Baucher-bettet är rätt tunnt och används ofta som bridong. Att man fäster sidstycket i den lilla överskänklen gör att bettet inte "trillar nedåt" i munnen utan ligger som det skall även när tygeln hänger. Många hästar, speciellt de med grov tunga, gillar det.

Används ofta som bridong.

Due to the current Corona situation it is hard to get products from my manufacturers, so I can not tell when products out of stock will be available again. I will do my best to get them home, but mostly it is out of my control. When you add an item to your basket, you will get a notice if it is out of stock. Else I will as always ship within 10 days.

The Corona also delays deliveries due to smaller capacity than normal so deliveries will take longer time than normal to receive. Our Swedish Post company is not able to deliver to more than a small number of countries. If you live outside EU, check this list in link below before you order.

Baucher-bett Stübben  Tredelat


Stübben Tredelat

SEK 799,-