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With my saddles, I pick up where my friend David left off with his Strada saddles. I want the same classic minimalism where the function creates the design. The open seat provides a good placement of your pelvis with a relaxed and upright seat. T
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My thoughts about riding
Here I chare my experience as rider and riding teacher. Please have indulgence with my poor English.
Before the year of 1900, there were no dressage horses. The first dressage competition was held in the end of the 19th century. Before that, no one talked about dressage horses, they talked about the dressage of the horse. I am not sure about the English language, but in Swedish, we use the word dressage about dog training too. But when we talk about dogs, dressage means to teach the dog to obey.
Saddle Agents' Guide
This is a tutorial blogg for my saddle fitters only. You have to be logged in to read it.
Here I will describe my saddles, into every detail. I will not talk about how to fit them on horses, read the Fitting Guide for that.