Tankar och funderingar : Hästar sjunker med ryttare på

14 december 2010

Min vän i Arizona, Kip Mistral, var nyligen på en clinic med sin häst i Phoenix, arizona och red för Manuel Trigo, en ryttare från Spanien insprerad av "enlightment", den skola som oftast förknippas med Baucher och Philippe Carl

Under kursen gjorde de ett intressant experiment: De mätte mankhöjden på hästarna dels med ryttare på och dels utan ryttare. Det visade sig att alla hästar sjönk nästan 5cm med ryttare på, även en lätt liten ryttarinna som Kip.

Här föjer hennes egna ord:

About the horse's back. The horse has no collarbones, so his shoulder blades are not connected to his skeleton. They are held onto his body by tendons, ligaments and muscle. So, when the rider mounts up, there is nothing to hold his back up and his withers get pushed down into his shoulder mechanism, up to 2 inches or more!!!!!. This is very uncomfortable for the horse, especially horses that are ridden on the forehand, and it is even worse to do the posting trot on the horse because the back just goes down even more with each stride.
So the trainer Manuel Trigo had each of us ride up sideways to the audience, and he held up a dressage whip horizontal to the ground, with the handle end pointed at some recognizable point like a button on a saddle. He held his elbows braced against his body so he wouldn't move, then he asked us to get off the horse. Every single horse's withers rose up 1 1/2- 2 inches, even Val's back and I was bareback and weighed less than anybody! It's just horrifying. So, the only way to help the horse is to get them off the forehand, and get the withers raised and the back up, to recover the natural balance of the horse.
Did I ever send you the link to this trainer...think I did... www.trigomanuel.com