My thoughts about riding

Through the years that I've been working with horses and riding, many people have told me that I think too much because I have always asked the question “Why?”. My continual questioning has often annoyed people and in addition it has often been taken as criticism of what they say. But I just want my teachers to explain their ideas. As an example why should I use that aid or that rein in that particular situation, or why should I ride faster or slower towards that obstacle. It's only when they can explain why, that I will have the ability to do the same exercise without them. It is only when I have things explained to me, why, that I have learned something.

Because of this, I have found it difficult to learn how to ... Read more

<h2 class='title'>Equine Journal Article Series</h2>

Kip Mistral, equine journalist from Tucson, Arizona, has written a 3 part article series about my riding philosophy and training methods. With courtesy to Equine Journal, I can now publish the articles for everyone to read:

Link to part 1

Link to part 2

Link to part 3

In 3 chapters you can only present some basics ideas, so the chapters describe some basic but challenging exercises.