Turn on the fore hand

The turn on the forehand is a misprized exercise. As it is the first exercise many riders meet when they first start riding, I think it has got a reputation as a beginner's exercise so most riders won't ride it as that may make them look as a beginner. I, however, love it, just because it is so plain and easy to do, for beginners and for the horses.

In this article I will not talk about the rider's education, only about the horse.

You can use the exercise in many levels of the horse's education, and you put different demands on the result depending on the situation.

What everyone knows about the forehand turn is that the inner foreleg shall walk on place, up and down. There is less discussion about what the other ... Read more

The Barrel Dance

The Barrel Dance is a name I have give the forehand turn when you ride it around some object, like a barrel. It is not important what object we use. It has to be so big that it is easy for the rider to spot, but not so high that it interferes on the horse head order rider's leg. A steady barrel is perfect.

The exercise is to let the fore legs walk with short steps forwards – not lateral - around the barrel on a small circle. You can alter the size of the circle. Either you hold the inner hind leg close to the barrel, or you leave 1-2 feet space. That is your choice – not the horse's. On unexperienced horses it is often better to start on a ... Read more