Customer Service : Customer Service

August 30, 2000

Shipping Policy

The goods in our online store are usually in stock, and we usually ship your items in the same week that you order. If you do not receive the goods within 10 business days of your order, please contact us.

The Neizer and Strada saddles are always made by order and have a delivery time of approximately 8 weeks.

If an item is backordered, it may take some time before we get it in stock again. In this case, we will email you with the expected date of delivery. If you wish to cancel your order, we will refund your payment by the method with which you paid.

Shipping Charges

We charge a flat rate for shipping (except for saddles) of 49 SEK within Sweden and 125 SEK outside Sweden. No additional charges for handling are added.

Payment Options

You pay by normal bank transfer ("Bank wire transfer"), Paypal or VISA / MasterCard.

Return Policy

The customer is responsible for shipping costs for exchanges or returns for any reason other than product failure. All items being exchanged or refunded must be in “like new” condition.


You can exchange an item for the same item of a different size within two (2) weeks (10 business days) after receiving it. Exchanges are subject to the inventory in stock (see Shipping Policy above). If the item is backordered, you will have the option of a refund.


You can return a purchase within two (2) weeks (10 business days) after receiving it. Your purchase will be refunded by your method of payment.


We stand behind the quality of our products and encourage our customers to notify us immediately should material failure occur in the process of normal use.

The following facts, however, should be noted regarding bits:

  • Stainless steel may rust and iron metals will rust, and this is no ground for complaint.
  • To accommodate the great variety of metal combinations that we offer in our curb bits, they are fastened with screws. Rarely, screws may unscrew themselves from the vibration of movement. Check regularly that they are properly tightened.
  • Brass may get a patina; regular polishing will keep it shining.
  • Brass is one of the softer metals used in bits, and since it may bend if you ride with force, it should be considered a metal for occasional use, not for daily exercise.