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About cavesons

Apart from longeing, cavesons can be used for riding in the same way as a snaffle or side pull. The caveson can also be combined with a snaffle, and works well with a curb bit.

The caveson can be used to halt, bend, lift and lead a horse, and has basically the same functions as a snaffle. Some horses work best with a caveson, others with a snaffle. For horses with a "hard mouth", a caveson is often a good way to get the horse in favor of riding and the rider's hand again.

Cavesons may have a chain nose band, a solid steel nose band or a simple leather nose band. My experience is that a solid nose band is the best, since it is sturdier and although it will move slightly sideways, it stays in place on the horse's nose and works as it should.

The caveson's severity depends on:
• the nose piece width
• the shape of the steel nose piece
• Possible padding thickness

The smaller the contact area, the more severe the caveson.

It's easier to pad a too-severe caveson on your own, than to try to make a mild one more severe.

The caveson should be able to be lifted 1-2 cm from the bridge of the nose. It should not be too tight. Cavesons do not need to follow the shape of the horse's nose. It lies on the nose bridge "corners" and should be tightened so as to allow a finger to be inserted between the cheek and the caveson.

Cavesons with a solid steel nose band can be reshaped to fit your horse. That is easy to do for a blacksmith.

When riding with a full caveson and a snaffle bridle, fit the cavesson high enough on the horse's head to prevent the caveson nose band from pinching the corners of the mouth . If you are using the semi-caveson, you can fit the the caveson through the bridle  cheek pieces.

Because the rein rings on the caveson sit farther forward on the horse's head than rings on the snaffle and curb bit, a longer rein should be used.