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MH Uppsala Dressage saddle

By Markus Holst
MH Uppsala Dressage saddle

MH Uppsala Dressage saddle

The saddles are available in black, dark brown and light tan. Those colors you can mix, i.e. with a different color on seat and knee rolls.

SEK 29,995.00

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With my saddles, I pick up where my friend David left off with his Strada saddles. I want the same classic minimalism where the function creates the design.

The open seat provides a good placement of your pelvis with a relaxed and upright seat.

The shock-absorbing panels in memory foam adapt to the horse's back.

The flexible tree of Finnish birch ply, leather and kevlar, free of metal, aligns with the horses back in its entire length and width and follows the horse's movements.

The points are angled outwards to eleminate the risk of pressure on the shoulders.

Only 46 cm (18") long and 7 kilos (15 ldb) light.

The saddle is available in several widths and shapes, also adapted for wide horses.

The design of the saddle is simple and functional. The low weight, the position of the stirrup bars, the position of the girth straps (billets) and the shallow seat provide good comfort with good freedom of movement for the rider, which facilitates a good seat, balanced aids and a good feel of the horse's movements.

The saddles are only sold after fitting, either by visiting you or via video call. The saddles are manufactured on order, so the delivery time is about 4 weeks.

My saddle trees

My saddles do not only have different "tree widths", ie angle over the withers. They also have different angles along the back and are differently curved to fit as many horses as possible.

The front arch is available in the following types:

1 For thin or non muscular horses
2 Fits most warmblood horses
3 For more curved backs like Iberian horses
4 For wider warmblood horses
5 For cob type horses
6 For horses with very wide and muscular withers

Those six variants can be combined with three different angles over the back and pommel

0 For horses with narrow and steap backs
A For most warmblood type horses
B For horses with a wider back

I call this saddle Uppsala after the Swedish city with the same name where Sweden once was founded, long time ago. Uppsala University is home to the second oldest riding institution in the world after the Spannish Riding School in Vienna.