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Epiony Heat Pad

Epiony Heat Pad Bttey Powered

Epiony Heat Pad

Bttey Powered

Sale SEK 1,495.00 (1,995,-)


Epiony Massage Pad

The Heat Pad package includes;

  • The Heat Pad (33cm*45cm)
  • A tough 600D polyester protective bag
  • 170 cm long neoprene waist belt (can be cut down or folded to size)
  • An elastic strap (surcingle) (two sizes available to choose from 180cm long or 215cm)
  • A 12 volt smart lithium ion battery with four temperature settings
  • A charger

The battery has a special built in thermostat to prevent from over heating. If the battery becomes too warm then the battery itself will turn off automatically. The battery pack is mobile and can be moved from the heat pad onto the neoprene waist belt.

Made in Britain.