Saddle Agents' Guide Part 3 - Directives

Demo saddles

Markus Holst Saddle agents will need an assortment of saddles to take or ship to clients for trial, what we call demonstration or "demo" saddles.

The MH company will allow each agent the purchase at cost of up to five (5) "demo" saddles during the term of agency. These will be actual new MH or Strada saddles in no way different from the saddles you will be ordering for clients. The only difference will be your opportunity to purchase the "demo" at cost instead of paying the retail price less your agent commission.

The requirement will be that you can mix the models. For example, you might order five Uppsala dressage saddle model in five tree types, or you might order one Uppsala saddle model in one tree type and then order four GP saddle models with different tree types.

These saddles are your property and you are free to use them and also to sell them.

However, if you wish to order more "demo" saddles after the first five, you will pay the retail price with your commission subtracted as you will not receive a commission for ordering demo saddles.