Design och försäljning av hästutrustning och ridutrustning

Sadlar - ME Schooler

En ny sadel helt i läder med utbytbara koppjärn. Bossor och vulster är flyttbara.

Sits: 32 cm
Total längd: 47 cm
Anläggningsyta: 44 cm

ME Schooler Koppjärn

ME Schooler


SEK 195,- cirka USD 23,69

ME Schooler Premo Normal

ME Schooler

Premo Normal

Med utbytbart koppjärn

SEK 3 395,- cirka USD 412,47


ME Schooler saddle


Both of my horses loved your saddle. My mare, especially as she is highly trained in the art of Marialva (Portuguese classical riding). She is very senstive to the aides and has a very strong back.  She loved the was almost like riding bareback in that she was that responsive to my seat aides. I could tell right away when saddling her how much happier she was...with my old saddle, she would stomp and look miserable when being saddled up..this time she just stood peacefully..even when I adjusted ... Läs mer

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