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May 27, 2015


I have a Clydsdale/Paint cross that is is 16.1 hands high and 1300 lbs.  I am going to start Straightness Training in hand with Marijke de Jong's home program here in the US. A warmblood headstall is large on him and a regular size headstall is a tight fit.  Can you tell me how to measure for the caveson? I tend to lean toward the Full size instead of the X-Full.  

Also, would you recomend another product for the purpose that I will be using it for?

Thank you,

Sharon Worona

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Markus May 28, 2015

Hello Sharon.

For the academic caveson, you have the meassurements on the site. Head piece size indicates the meassurements from the nose band on one side, oveer the poll and down to the nose band on the other side. The caveson shall sit lika normal English nose band, so you can easily meassure on your horse.

The academic caveson is quite small in size, but it is possible you can use a full size on your horse.

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