Ask and Discuss : difference between baroque and kaupres hackamore

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January 16, 2017
Hello Marcus! Beautiful shop you have here, and I love your take on riding....I may very well be your new biggest fan! I have been looking for a bit less solution for my light and responsive TB, but she raced, and sometimes thinks she is still at the track! Not fun in a caveson! I think your cavemores are exactly what I need! I was wondering about the difference in the action of the Kaupres and Baroque styles. It seems that the former would take ahold of the chin first because of the angle of the shank. Is that so? Also wondering if you would be willing to put fur on my noseband...but in the academic style?

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Markus January 16, 2017

Hello, nice that you like my site and my products.

You are right about the cavesons, the Kaupre will take a hold first. I think Kaupre's is a better shank than the baroque one.

I wrote about the different shanks some days ago, in a not to perfect English:

Unfortunately I can not change the the nosebands.

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