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November 26, 2015

Greetings, I am interested in buying a cavesson for in hand work for three horses: two which wear a cob size (half Arab & Hungarian) and one who wears a full (Lusitano/Quarter Horse). My question:  Is the actual metal nosepiece in the cob size cavesson the same size as the full?  If the difference in the circumference is only in the leather, than the full size could have holes punched to downsize the fit... Or is the metal plate bigger?

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Markus November 26, 2015

Hello. The metal plate is the same. You can see all the length of the caveson straps in my shop, so meassure your horses and compare before you buy. It is possible you come better off with a cob size. There is a limit for how many new holes you can make and I see a risk that you can't get the full size caveson small enough around the nose for your small horses.

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