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Custom Classical Dressage Equipment

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A shipping fee of SEK 175 (app. USD 20.86) will be charged for each delivery

Hackamore SEK 179,- app. USD 21,33

32 variants
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Cavemore SEK 299,- app. USD 35,63

14 variants
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Semi Caveson SEK 349,- app. USD 41,59

Semi Caveson
18 variants
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Sidepull Semi SEK 229,- app. USD 27,29

Sidepull Semi
20 variants
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Sidepull SEK 695,- app. USD 82,83


Full - X-full

2 variants
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Hackamore Headstall SEK 399,- app. USD 47,55

Hackamore Headstall

cob - full

Shorter cheek piece and lower throat latch. Reins are not included.

4 variants
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Rein Rings SEK 49,- app. USD 5,84

Rein Rings

Put the rings in the nose piece, and you can use your hackamore with double reins.


Rope halter SEK 95,- app. USD 11,32

Rope halter